This is our annual program for any student that is mature enough to handle the details and education of becoming a man. This program is offered to all students in 7th thru 12th grade that are mature enough to endure this training.  Many may apply but only 12 boys will be able to make it through each year.  A student may participate in the Rites of Passage every year but only 12 boys will be selected to participate in the Beautillion.  If your son is participating we hope you the parent are able to attend our MAD (Moms and Dads) Raising Boys Retreat in February.  


What is a Beautillion?

Beautillion is the celebration of the achievements of African American young men. It is a formal presentation of a select group of young men, much like a Cotillion is for young women. Each Beau is chosen in recognition of his demonstrated achievements in academics, sports, the arts, community and church involvement, leadership, and his overall commitment to the advancement of African Americans. All Beaux must plan to continue their education. A Beautillion is the culmination of a leadership training program designed specifically for the selected participants and fundraising efforts for Piney Grove Boys Academy. Proceeds from Beautillion will fund scholarship awards for participants based on selected criteria. In addition, a portion will be donated to Piney Grove Boys Academy, which supports charities with programs or services that enhance the lives and opportunities of children and youth.  Our version of a Beautillion will be called the Gentlemen’s Ball.  We will follow the same standards as a Beautillion but it is open to all races because we want to celebrate the achievements of all young men.


Why Participate In Beautillion/ Gentlemen’s Ball?

Participate in a powerful program that will allow young men to:

· Improve leadership skills such as problem-solving and critical thinking

 · Meet community and business leaders and understand their success strategies

· Learn financial management

· Gain understanding of current social issues that can impact their future

· Earn Piney Grove scholarships and apparel

· Build life-long friendships with other outstanding young men


Beautillion/Scholarship Dinner

  Criteria For Nomination The nominee shall meet the following criteria:


1. Male in the 7th thru 12th grade

2. Cumulative GPA of 2.5 or above

3. Demonstrate outstanding leadership, responsibility, and service in school and/or the community

4. Possess outstanding character confirmed by two letters of reference

5. Submit nomination form by accompanied by two letters of reference and a recent photo (for ID purposes only). One letter of reference must be from a teacher, counselor or school administrator. (All reference letters must be from a non-relative).

6. Meet with leaders in the community and representatives of the board of directors for the Beautillion

 7. Mail, email, or hand-deliver nomination form and attachments by to: