Mission and vision
ur Mission & Vision Statement   

The mission of Piney Grove Boys Academy is to provide a harmonious, educational environment that enhances the physical, mental and spiritual talents of the students for successful transition from boyhood to manhood. 

The vision of Piney Grove Boys Academy is to be the preeminent boys’ school by providing a scholastic atmosphere that emphasizes spiritual growth, accountability and intellectual advancement.


To accomplish this mission, we will:

1. Develop spiritual growth in our students through the study of God's Word.

2. Improve the academic growth of all students by motivating lifelong learning and promoting academic excellence.

3. Measure student performance and academic growth through a variety of assessments and students' improvement on the Iowa Test of Basic Skills.

4. Implement programs in the learning community that foster parent, teacher, and community collaboration.

5. Promote healthy living practices and lifestyles through nutrition and physical fitness programming.

6. Develop programming that enhances student knowledge and awareness of the arts (Le. drama, music, etc.); enhances the acquisition of skills and furthers their application to all areas of students' academic and personal lives; and cultivates students' performance through self expression and creativity.

7. Utilize innovative instructional methods to foster lifelong learning and to enhance student achievement in the areas of math, science, technology, and reading.

8. Prepare student to live in a global society by providing an education that supports and embraces the diversity of all people through cultural awareness, respect, and appreciation of others.

9. Increase student engagement in the community through service learning opportunities. 

10. Introduce a Code of Honor that increases students' awareness of themselves, respect for friends and family, and that fosters school pride.


Our Philosophy
The purpose of the Piney Grove Boys Academy is to pass on to its young people: ideals, beliefs, attitudes, values, habits and customs, as taught by First Baptist Church Piney Grove. We are dedicated to provide a harmonious educational system that develops the physical, mental and spiritual aspects of the students.