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Extra Curricular Activities

F.B.I. (Fathers Being Involved) 
There are 13 pillars of Life that we bestow upon our students that participate. Students must be 7th thru 11th grade in order to participate.
-African American History
-Family Responsibility
-Career Development
-Community Involvement
-Physical Development
-Home Care
-Auto Care
-The Law & Your Rights
-Consent & Sex Ed

Extra Curricular Activities for 2023/24
These activities will take place after school.  If your son is involved in any of these activities they will need an activity after school form. It is also the parents responsibility to pick their son(s) up at the designated time. 

MBK (My Brothers Keeper)  

This program is for our younger but mature students in grades 3rd thru 6th grade.  They will get similar training as the FBI students.  

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