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Mar 2                FBI meeting 

Mar 9                FBI meeting / POK meeting at 7pm                                          (Fellowship Hall)

Mar 10              K-3 Field trip to Everglades                                                               Swapbuggy

Mar 14              Trip to San Diego for aviation

Mar 16              Early release

Mar 17              No school / Teacher planning/ End                                of Quarter

Mar 19              Return to FLL 

Mar 20-24                   Spring Break

Mar 27               Parent Cafe @ 7pm

Mar 28               FBI meeting


Parent Cafe' will be

March 27 @ 7pm. Location-School cafe'









Finally, parents have a safe place they can vent about the ups and downs of being a parent.  Too often parents are embarrassed by some of the decisions and choices their kids make even though the parents are doing all they can to make life easier for their children (Common Mistake).  This opportunity to speak or listen will be for parents to hear from others in order to feel comfortable about this marathon called parenting. The goal of these conversations is to let parents know to never stop trying. You may slow down and even back off a little but never ever stop being a parent.  I am not the perfect dad nor are my kids but remember this the next time you want to give up.  "ITS TOUGH FOR THEM TO BE WHAT THEY DON'T SEE."


So mom, dad, auntie, uncles or whomever is raising kids don't stop leading, raising, and teaching our youth how to become better adults. Parent Cafe will be once a month in person and more topics will be covered via Youtube and Instagram.  You will hear from me Principal/Dad and my point of view as a Dad from the Principal's Office. I have over 120 kids that I am a dad too. 


This month's Topic:

We just want you to know that you are doing a good job. Too often parents don't get a pat on the back. This Month is Women History Month but it is also say Thank you to a Parent Month. So I am saying thank you and you are not alone. Keep doing what you are doing because we need more parents to take time out for their kids.  

Who are your kids listening too!

If you don't know now you know

Parents, do you have time? Do you have time to listen to your child? Do you have time to play with your child? Do you have time to show your child what you do? Do you have time to sit down and eat with your child? If you answered no to any of these questions just know someone else is teaching them. Your child will become who they are around.  We often get mad as to why boys are still boys even after 18 and that is because your boy was only around boys.  We have to expose our boys to men that are going to put into them.  They have to hear and see another man give compliments and how to properly deal with a problem.  We have too many boys taking out guns to solve a problem that a man can handle with words.  It's tough to be what you don't see. My challenge to all men, it doesn't matter if the boy is your son or not, if you see a young boy acting out of character show him what a young man should do. Our future is on all men. 

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