We give kids the OPPORTUNITY to show how great they are

Aug 1

PGA Pop Up Shop

Color Guard ROTC every Wednesday 2-3pm

August 5

Bowling Practice Begins

August 16

1st Day of School

Sept. 5

No School

August 30-Sept. 9 

Map Testing

August 4

Student Orientation @ 12pm

Are YOU prepared for the FUTURE?

Whether it is learning how to fly a drone, or get educated on new technology, or learning how to cook. Your son and or daughter need to be prepared for the future.  What are you doing to make sure they are prepared. Here at Piney Grove, we are preparing even during the pandemic. Planning is a part of our culture at PGA and we plan to put leaders back into the community. We are doing that by exposing our

kids to drone flying.













We have taken kids to NASA to learn about new technology and how impactful Science and Technology will be in the near future and how they can be apart of something new. 











And we educate our students on how to survive in the world. We teach our kids how to cook and obtain a career so they can contribute to their households and become productive citizens.

Topic of the Month

Its Ok to Not be OK

We are in really strange times.  We have become prisoners in our own homes and some of us have locked ourselves away from everyone. We need to reach out to people immediately because we all need that human element.  We like empathy, laughter, peace, and company. The ones that need it the most are our children.  Even if we are or if they are introverts, we have to find a way to get them to talk. As a culture we don't talk much about going to the dentist or doctor nor do we discuss going to talk to a mental health professional. Often we frown upon this but when we have a tooth ache we go to a dentist, a broken bone we go see a surgeon, car not working we take it to a mechanic, but when our mind starts to wonder we try and fix it ourselves or just ignore it. We all need understanding and information about how to be the best 

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School Schedule
K - 12th Grade - Monday - Friday

School Day 7:45am - 3:00pm