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Students come to pick up books and laptops @ 1pm

Open House via zoom @ 5pm


Interim Reports go home

Teachers Return to Work


First Day of Virtual / Online School


Remote M.A.P. Testing @ 9am

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Oct. 19

Teacher Workday

Eat Breakfast or Dinner as a Family








During these times we are home more but spending less and less time together.  Everyone has their own space and want to do their own thing so no one is eating together. Your kids are screaming for something to be routine or back to normal. We can social distance outside of the home but inside we need to make time to share together.  Eating as a family is a time when you get to hear how your kids day was, the way they think, what they find interesting. Eating dinner should not be a time to judge or reprimand but a time for reflection. Stop and listen as your child tells you about his or her day. Let them feel and be great as they express to you how their day was. This little time builds a bond and relationship that texting or snapchatting never can fulfill. Don't miss an opportunity for quality time with your kids because you wanted to eat alone.  Share a meal and some of your ideas so you can also inspire your son or daughter to be great.  Parents are the first teachers and the school is the backup.  From one parent to another, make time to share a meal with your kids. These moments will go a long way in character building from generation to generation. 

Topic of the Month

Its Ok to Not be OK

We are in really strange times.  We have become prisoners in our own homes and some of us have locked ourselves away from everyone. We need to reach out to people immediately because we all need that human element.  We like empathy, laughter, peace, and company. The ones that need it the most are our children.  Even if we are or if they are introverts, we have to find a way to get them to talk. As a culture we don't talk much about going to the dentist or doctor nor do we discuss going to talk to a mental health professional. Often we frown upon this but when we have a tooth ache we go to a dentist, a broken bone we go see a surgeon, car not working we take it to a mechanic, but when our mind starts to wonder we try and fix it ourselves or just ignore it. We all need understanding and information about how to be the best 

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