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Piney Grove Boys Academy is a fully accredited K-12 Private school offering a prep school education in the inner city.  Our curriculum is A Beka.  We also use FLVS, Mindplay, Ascend Math, and Reading Plus as online resources.  Apart of growing a boy into a man he must be taught what men are suppose to do.  We have mentoring programs like FBI (Fathers Being Involved) to assist with life skills for our middle and high school students.  Sports for elementary, middle, and high school students is year round.  For non athletes we have extra curricular activities as well such as Chess, STEM, Aviation, and Choir just to name a few.  If you would like more information contact us at (954)735-1470 or follow us on Facebook by clicking the Facebook tab at the top of the screen.
News and Info You Can Use
Piney Grove Academy is now accepting enrollment applications for girls K-5th grade and boys K-12th.  Go to the admissions tab and apply today. Scholarships are available for boys and girls via Step Up for Students, Triple A, Gardner, and McKay.  
Parents and schools need to work together for the betterment of the students. Parents we have a school Black History Program coming up Feb. 25 at 6:30pm in our Fellowship Hall. There will be a brief parent cafe
Helpful links and information for students. Students need to go online during the winter break to work on Mindplay, Reading Plus, Ascend Math, or Symphany Math. Parents the boys will only do what you allow. Make this a 30 minute requirement daily during the break. 
One of the greatest resource teachers have is each other. It is important for teachers to communicate with one another and share ideas.

Changing Boys to Men
                                                                 Boys meet U.S. Military


Changing boys to men through experience and exposure is something that we strive to do. Having the opportunity to shape boys in a way that teaches them about the obstacles in life and how to avoid and deal with them is key. All boys need help with communication, commitment, healthy choices, and finding their passion. Here at Piney Grove, we strive to teach each student how to survive and grow in this ever changing world. Boys can be successful in life if given the right opportunity to grow. By choosing a school like Piney Grove your son will have the opportunity to grow and be lead to a better man. Moms and Dads here is your chance to help your son in life and have him on a path to righteousness and longevity through the exposure and opportunities provided through Piney Grove Boys Academy
Topic of the Month

      Changing a Boy's Mindset

Wondering where all the men went made me look at why our boys are so confused, lost, and angry.  As I read books and listen to a specialist about how boys behave differently than girls I realize that the most important times in a child's life is between the ages of birth to 7.  During that time is when we expose our kids to the worst things because we think they don't understand.  Ever wonder why babies don't want to play with toys but instead want your cellphone or car keys.  Kids watch and listen very carefully to adults and we do a lot of good or a lot of damage early in a child's life.  We have to be very careful to what we expose our children to even if they are 6 months old. The problem with our youth today is our kids today have been exposed to adult problems really early in life.  Back in the old days, we hide the fact that our lights were off or we were behind on rent and we did what we had to to do to get the lights on right away.  But today we talk about our problems with or to our kids and vent bad feelings about people we feel caused this problem.  As parents, we have to do better.  Be careful about what you are saying to your children especially our boys.  Often our we will say you remind me of your dad in a bad way and think it is going to have a positive impact on that child.  Or we say something negative to the boy who is trying to be a man with no directions in hopes he will get his life together.  I am telling you that mindset has to change.  We have to speak positivity, pray for forgiveness, and practice positive actions in front and to our boys if we want them to become men.  We have to build a better man and a better brand.  If we want more men like Obama, we have to speak Obama like actions into existence.  We have to go to our boys spelling bees and awards assemblies so they will know to support their sons when they get older.  We can't assume they will figure it out.  How often do you take your son to work to show him how to deal with other adults without using his fist.  Don't wait until your son is 18 start now taking your children to the bank, to the grocery store, to the laundry mat and more.  You have to start putting them in position to win so they become the man you know they can be.  Exposure and Opportunity will take a boy and make him a man.
By: Alton Bolden
Frequently Asked Questions

How much is tuition?
Tuition for the year vary depending on the student grade level. The price (depending on grade level) does include books, technology fees. The cost of books and activity fees change based on student grade level.

Where is the school located?
Currently the school is located at 4699 West Oakland Park Blvd, Lauderdale Lakes, Fl. This is the same location as First Baptist Church Piney Grove, but the school is located on the north end of the church and the office is on the second floor.

Does my child have to wear a uniform?
Every young man that attends school must wear a white oxford button down shirt, neck tie, khaki pants, belt, and dress shoes. Our uniform policy is mandatory.

Are girls allowed to attend the boys school?
Currently we only have a boys school but we are in the process of structuring a girls school. We are targeting the need and finding the right people to start this endeavor so that the all girls school is as successful as the boys school.

What grade does your school go up to?
This year our school accepts boys in grades K - 11th grade. Next year we will be accepting K to 12th grade.

How much are uniforms?
Uniform prices vary based on size. This year PGBA uniforms must be purchased from All Uniform Wear (954) 446-0077 and Debbie's Uniform Store

Do you have scholarships available?
Yes we do. We currently accept McKay, AAA Scholarships, Florida Empowerment Scholarship, and Step Up for Students.  We also have scholarships available for students in need of financial assistance which are available upon request. 

Do you offer before and aftercare services?
Yes we have before care and aftercare services provided by Extended School Day Services. Our school doors open at 7:15am and our camp doors close at 6pm.

Does tuition include breakfast and lunch?
Yes tuition includes a free breakfast and lunch if you are only here during school hours.  If you attend aftercare, you will receive free snack and free dinner.  

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